Student Movement

Student Commission, YCL-LJC

April, 2017

Each year, often in April, Board of Governors (BoG) vote to increase tuition fees in post-secondary institutions across Canada. Corporate controlled BoGs do this despite opposition from students and workers, and the YCL-LJC stands in solidarity with students and workers organizing to stop tuition fee increases.

BoGs are highly undemocratic: they include a minority of students and workers on campuses across Canada, with a majority of their members often representing big business, including banks that profit from student loans! They use the excuse that they have to increase fees because of a lack of provincial and federal government funding for post-secondary education. However, students rightly push back by saying that freezing tuition fees at local colleges and universities will put pressure on federal and provincial governments to provide more public funding for post-secondary education, which is very much needed

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Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

Nov, 2016

November 17th marks International Students’ Day and it is commemorated around the world by honoring the militant history of the student movement and reinforcing our struggle in the present.

November the 17th has been designated International Students’ Day since the 1939 execution of 9 Czech students at the University of Prague, and the sending of 1200 anti-fascist students to concentration camps by the Nazi occupiers of Czechoslovakia.

International Students’ Day also coincides with the 1973 Athens Polytechnic student uprising, which saw students heroically stand against the military junta in Greece. This history is now commemorated at all schools in that country.

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Central Committee, YCL-LJC

July, 2016

This June, the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) - National General Assembly voted in favour of a Day of Action on November 2nd, the first day of action since 2012. The Young Communist League - Ligue de Jeunesse Communiste (YCL-LJC) supports the call for a Pan-Canadian Day of Action on November 2nd and calls upon student militants, with the support of labour, to build momentum towards this date, and beyond, for free education and a Federal Post-Secondary Education Act.

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Young Communist League - Vancouver

May, 2016

It has been two years since the BC teachers went on strike because the government continued to freeze their wages, while also threatening the BCTF’s collective bargaining rights and making large cuts to public education. Currently, the Vancouver School Board is facing a $25-27 million budget deficit, the worst in over two decades. This yet again results in massive cuts to the public education system in Vancouver because the BC government continues to underfund our schools. The Young Communist League-Vancouver strongly denounces the cuts to public services and the 21 proposed school closures, primarily in East Vancouver--a working class area where there is a large population of racialized peoples, including Indigenous peoples and immigrants. The Young Communist League opposes the elimination of up to 200 positions in the Vancouver School Board. We take a stance against the pro-austerity government’s continuous attack on organized labour and working class people.

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Student Commission, YCL-LJC

March, 2016

The fight for accessible education and free tuition in Ontario is just beginning!

The Young Communist League of Canada condemns the intensification of the attack on Ontario’s post-secondary education system (PSE) as indicated in the Ontario Liberal’s budget released at the end of February.

The Ontario Liberal government, since their election in 2003, have been intent on moving Ontario towards a multi-tiered, inaccessible and privatized system, corporatizing campuses. and tailoring the content of teaching and research to big business interests. During that time, they have doubled the average tuition fees across Ontario.

The new budget, which is fundamentally a banker’s austerity budget dressed as a “social justice budget”, pretends to offer “free tuition” to low-income students. This is not only a cynical lie based on what is actually a restructuring of existing grants, but opens the door to further privatization of PSE in Ontario, an even steeper increase in tuition fees, and quite possibly the total deregulation of tuition fees.

Read more: Ontario Liberals’ “Free Tuition” is a Lie

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