Central Executive Committee

July 1st, 2017

The YCL-LJC considers the mobilizations around Canada’s 150th anniversary, which cost at least 500 million dollars, as deep provocations from the ruling class to  Indigenous peoples, victims of Canadian imperialism, progressive people, the youth and the working class of this country. We join the many groups who firmly denounce the propaganda and attempts to rewrite Canada’s history as something for us all to celebrate. The Canadian government aims to make the July 1st holiday a united “national” day of pride. However, many will not be celebrating the date of the signature of the British North America Act that united the remaining British Colonies of North America into one dominion, embodying national oppression in its Constitution.

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Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

October 2015

The Young Communist League of Canada welcomes the defeat of the Harper Conservatives in the federal election, but recognizes the immediate need to intensify the youth and student struggle against the new Liberal version of the big business agenda.

The majority of Canadians, after almost 10 years of Conservative rule, correctly recognized that the Stephen Harper government represented the biggest danger to working people. They have been the most right-wing, pro-war, anti-environment government in Canadian history, at least since the 1930s. Over 11 million voted against the Harper government, with the highest turnout in a federal election since 1997, including a large increase in Indigenous people voting. The Conservatives ran on a campaign of lies and fear, attempting to channel anger over peoples’ increasingly precarious lives towards racism and xenophobia.

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Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

January, 2015

The Young Communist League of Canada salutes the hard work of its members and friends during the year of 2014 and looks forward to the advancement of the struggles of the youth and student movement in 2015.

For the ruling class and their governments at the federal and provincial levels, 2014 was a year of continuing down the dangerous path of austerity and war. We saw the Conservative Party reach new lows in terms of fomenting occupation and reaction abroad; supporting a neo-Nazi backed government in Ukraine, wholeheartedly defending Israel’s massacre of more than 2000 Palestinians during the summer and joining in on the third invasion of Iraq this fall. 

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Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

August, 2014

The Young Communist League – ligue de la jeunesse communiste (YCL-LJC) welcomes and actively supports the convening of the People’s Social Forum. We see this meeting of the labour movement, Indigenous activists, feminists, environmentalists, immigrant rights activists, and youth and student activists as a very useful tool in building unity in the struggle against big business and their puppet austerity governments across Canada. With participation from Quebec labour and social movements and Indigenous communities, as well as English-speaking Canada, the Forum gives us the opportunity to build unity based on equality between nations within the borders of Canada.

We hope that the People’s Social Forum will be more than just an opportunity to share and learn from each other’s struggles, although this is also important. As a youth organization, the YCL-LJC recognizes that the stakes have never been higher! It is true that the future of young people is in jeopardy, but it is equally true that the present is not tolerable either. The gains of the last 80 years of struggle are being swept away by “austerity” policies which include massive programs of cuts and privatization; the liquidation of basic labour and environmental regulations; the encouragement of precarious work for poverty wages; unemployment; the ongoing genocide against Indigenous peoples; inaccessible education; and the introduction of racist immigration laws. For the majority of youth it means intensified exploitation, poverty, prison and war. For the YCL-LJC and revolutionary youth, the root of the problem is capitalism, and the symptoms are the current economic and environmental crises that working people, especially youth, are being asked to pay for.

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Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

February, 2012

Young Communist League demands a Charter of Youth Rights, not Corporate Rights

Shrouded in secrecy, the Harper Conservative government, the European Union, and major trans-national corporations recently concluded the final round of negotiations for the largest free-trade agreement in Canada’s history since NAFTA.

The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a over-arching Bill of Rights for big business – at the expense of all the non-corporate population, not least youth and students. The Agreement is now being ‘fine tuned’ by representatives of government and big business for release in Spring 2012.

Negotiations began in May 2009 and the agreement has attracted opposition from a broad range of labour, youth and student, and other community groups who have come together in the Trade Justice Network in English-speaking Canada and Réseau Québécois sur l’Intégration Continentale (RQIC) in Quebec.

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