Central Committee Reports

YCL-LJC Central Committee Report on the 2015 Federal Election

Central Committee - April 5, 2015

Almost a decade of Conservative rule in Canada has brought war, austerity and crises.

After 9 years of the Harper government’s rule, the upcoming Federal election, whether in the Spring or the Fall, marks an important opportunity for the YCL-LJC in their struggle for peace, jobs, the environment and democracy, as well as the broader struggle for socialism.

This year has seen a continued employment crisis, with a potential deepening of the economic crisis approaching. Lay-offs in the retail sector, oil and gas sector, and more manufacturing job loss means that the Harper government has failed to deliver on their self-styled image of “good economic managers”. In fact, the Harper Tories were only ever interested in managing and restructuring a neo-liberal capitalist economy that was good for Canada’s capitalist class and its imperialist endeavors.

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See the Cuban Revolution

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Since 1993, the Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade has offered hundreds of Canadians the opportunity to join an exciting and informative 2-week tour of Cuba. Volunteers are afforded a first-hand view of the gains and victories of the Cuban Revolution through both a tour of significant historical and political locales of Cuba and by working alongside ordinary Cubans. The next Brigade leaves in Spring 2017.


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