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The following submissions make up Discussion Bulletin #4 for our upcoming 
25th Central Convention. We welcome your submissions either individually, or 
from your Club, for Bulletin #5. Please send your submission to 
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*1.     **Discussion contributions*

*2.     **Amendments to the political bulletin*

*3.     **Constitution amendments*

*4.     **IMPORTANT! Club survey*

* *

*Expansion on the Topic of YCL-LJC Social Life, Taylor Rothbell, Toronto. 

As there is only a small section in Discussion Bulletin #1 on the topic of 
YCL-LJC social activities, it is of great benefit to our organization to 
expand upon this subject. Socialization not only within the YCL-LJC, but 
especially with ally- or potential ally-groups is and has always been an 
important aspect of our League.

The social component to YCL-LJC clubs is an integral one and if it is 
removed, the effects become very noticeable. As is stated in Discussion 
Document #1, paragraph 271, when the social dimension of the League is not 
present, club meetings tend to take this task on instead. This phenomenon 
results in great inefficiency as meetings that are intended to promote 
ideological development and generate concrete action-plans become 
watered-down with side conversations. In order to compensate for this, clubs 
may impose more rigid outlines for meetings which can cause members to 
associate the YCL-LJC only with work, eventually leading comrades to leave 
the organization entirely.

The second reason that socialization is so important to the League is that 
it is an excellent way of becoming involved in communities. This is an 
important goal of the YCL-LJC. Because of decades of Capitalist propaganda, 
the word 'Communist' still holds negative connotations for many people, 
causing some potential allies and potential members to steer clear of our 
organization. A very good way to combat this problem is to initiate 
relationships with other left-wing organizations and individuals not 
politically, but rather socially. This has been done in the past with 
excellent results and continues to be a very effective tactic.

When YCL-LJC members form personal relationships with individuals, it is 
much easier for these individuals to see that we are good people, in turn 
making them much more receptive to our ideas. In the past the YCL-LJC has 
organized nature outings, dance parties, and sports teams and invited 
members of other left-wing organizations to participate. These types of 
activities can help catalyse the kinds of personal relationships that result 
in life-long members as well as strong alliances. Therefore, this is a 
proposal for increased focus on YCL-LJC sponsored social activities.

To host one social event each month per club is not a difficult task and if 
that event is the same type of activity each time it becomes even easier. As 
each YCL-LJC club develops a noticeable presence within its respective 
community, it will attract more and more members and at the same time 
strengthen the bonds between existing ones.


*YCL-LJC pins, Taylor Rothbell, Toronto.***

In Article 3 of the Constitution of the Young Communist League – Ligue de la 
Jeunesse Communiste, the emblem of the League is described as 'a red flag 
being held by a fist. Surrounded by a white circle.' Although this statement 
is not orthographically correct [using proper spelling, capitalization and 
grammar - eds], the information contained within it is true. This causes a 
conflict with the YCL-LJC pin.

Our pin is an accurate representation of our emblem but for two 
discrepancies. The first is that on the pin the title of our organization is 
written on the white circle, and the second  is that a maple leaf is present 
in the upper left-hand corner of the red flag. The first discrepancy is 
inconsequential, but the latter is quite significant. The reason for this is 
that the presence of a maple leaf on YCL-LJC pins could very well lead 
others to view the League at the very least as uninterested in the struggles 
of oppressed nations within Canada and in a worst case scenario as 
Anglo-chauvinists. The maple leaf is a long-standing symbol of Anglo 
imperialism and the national oppression of Quebecois and First Nations 
peoples. Therefore, the YCL-LJC should make it a priority to cover the maple 
leaf on each pin with touch-up paint before distributing it and once 
sufficient funding is available produce new pins that represent our emblem 
(and through it our organization) accurately.


*Amendments to the Main Political Resolution*

*Proposed Amendments to the Discussion Documents, Montreal Club, LJC-Quebec 

*Submitted by Marianne Breton Fontaine, LJC-Q organizer**

*Part 1.

44 & 45. We agree with this section, for example in Quebec the Charest 
Liberal budget has provoked tremendous resistance. We think we should add 
health care to the list of demands.  Again, in our situation the Charest 
Liberal’s budget completely subverts the principles of the Canada Health Act 
imposing fees for Medicare and promoting privatization.  Likewise, the main 
issue in Greece centers around their budget.  In Europe, from what we see, 
the bourgeoisie press is presenting that the main opponent to workers rights 
as the German working class.

48. We strongly support this section on the divide between the young and the 
old and the attempted separation of the youth movement from labour and 
peoples movements. We would like to present some points of elaboration from 
our experience. We see this separation as a dynamic process, that it is also 
internalized by the young, as a system using divisions like sexism and 
racism. For example, the poverty wages of young people are promoted as 
normal, with the idea that you will, through hard work, become the boss. In 
reality if you are in the working class you will never become the boss.

The separation between the young and the old is reflected in recent protests 
we have participated in. In mid-March we participated in a demo of about 
1,000 against police brutality. It was mainly organized by anarchists who 
presented themselves as ‘bohemian’ or anti-materialistic people, some who 
covered their faces. We recognized a number of youth activists. There was a 
very strong police presence of helicopters, horses, para-military riot 
police, and vehicles. After a long march there were street battles with the 
police and about 60 arrests.

The next weekend was the mobilization of the Common Front - all public 
sector trade unions negotiating together.  This demo was characterized by 
everyone carrying the same green colour banner. There was a very short 
march. The police presence was much more gentile. 75,000 people 
participated, an historic size.  Very few youth other than the children of 
the workers and some young workers were present however. Although it was a 
huge demo, it was noticeable that we recognize very few allies or youth 
activists in general. (By the way, the workers were very interested in our 
message and, together with the Communist Party of Quebec we sold over $250 
of the Party’s newspaper, Clarte.)

The next week was a mobilization of the students and university worker’s 
unions during the work-day. 14,000 people participated, again mainly 
students. We met with many of our allies at the rally and sold about $40 of 
Juenesse Militante. The police presence was a little stronger, but except 
for the end (when there was a short occupation of the stock exchange that we 
joined in) there were no riot police.

We note also that the influence of decisions in France that are anti-Muslim 
have had a marked impact on racism in Quebec. For example the banning of the 
‘nikab’  in France has been met with similar efforts here. There are also 
examples of the victories of right-wing populism across Canada - for 
example, CFS campaigns but also the tea-party campaigns in the USA, and the 
continued anti-communism in Europe.

52. We think that there has been more experience of the working class 
internationally since the documents were written, and we can develop our 
thinking more here. For example : in Greece, the PAME have lead a massive 
protest effort; there was a major historic May 1 demo in Turkey; and at home 
in Quebec, there has been the mobilization of 75,000 workers, 14,000 
students, and now 25,000 people for the 1er mai. We think it is unrealistic 
to expect even-development of fight-back, as uneven development is a feature 
of capitalism. For example, there are historic differences in terms of 
development of labour movement, communist and revolutionary forces.  We 
think this underscores importance of the World Youth Festival.

56. We feel that there needs to be more development of the action items by 
the convention or the new YCL-LJC Central Committee. We propose that the 
YCL-LJC work closely with the Communist Party of Canada on its economic 
crisis campaign.

Part 2.

A. Add something about the Common Front and fight-back;

B. Line 66, elaborate policy

C. Line 68, mention victory in Quebec

D. Line 70, mention CSN youth

E. Communists in labour movement, collective strategy.

F. We think there should be more about de-industrialization and the change 
in the economy.  Super-exploitation of young workers and 
de-industrialization, growth of Wal Mart jobs. Many towns outside of 
Montreal, ‘company towns,’ are shutting down entirely. Examples of economic 
sectors in Quebec include: forestry, paper products, automobile plants, and 
mining. The scientific and technological revolution has produced many broad 
new changes to the nature of work so that young workers are finding jobs in 
a new economy with lower union density.

G. Section 70. Again about splitting between the young and the old and the 
labour movement. There is a lack of interest to participate in unions 
because young workers do not think their job is long-term.  For example, 
high school students career classes are told - directly from the ministry in 
curriculum - it is a dog-eat-dog, post-union, post-industrial world and you 
can not depend on the same career.  Young workers in unions do not 
automatically stand with the trade union movement’s demands.  The YCL 
rejects the idea that there are ‘real jobs’ and ‘youth jobs’ that are 
acceptable to be ‘bad.’ All jobs should be living jobs. We demands all jobs 

- Pensions; 
- Higher wage; 
- Etc.

H. Line 71. Toronto and York Region District Labour Council integrates CFS 
student union representatives in their meetings.

*Proposed Addition to Paragraph 269 of Discussion Bulletin #1, Taylor 
Rothbell, Toronto.***

It is very important for club members to branch out socially, rather than 
only associating with other YCL-LJC comrades. When comrades have no organic 
relationships with other community members, it causes our organization to 
appear sectarian and is anti-conducive to alliance-building and recruitment.

*Guelph Young Communist League Club Discussion Document Amendments*

Submitted by Drew Garvie, Guelph club organizer

Paragraph 20

-Remove the term refracted for clarity. Last sentence would read "Rather, 
there are specific challenges to the generation that will inherit the 

Paragraph 23

-Change title to "Imperialism's current tactics:" and move "-wars and 
occupation" to the first bullet of the following list.

Paragraph 24

-expand "funding 'colour' revolutions' in Eastern Europe" -how are these 
being funded by whom?

Paragraph 25

-Did Ireland also vote no to the EU constitution?

Paragraph 31

-add point "-the recent election of a right wing government in Chile with 
ties to the Pinochet fascist dictatorship"

Paragraph 35

-this paragraph should be deleted in the final document. The second part of 
it is too vague.

Paragraph 37

-second sentence should read, "It has come about at the same time as 
environmental and food supply crises that have related but distinct 

Paragraph 46

-add "anti-unionism" after "anti-communism" and before "etc." -this is 
important and prevalent enough to say explicitly

Paragraph 48

-change first point to "the ultra-accessibility of credit to youth, fosters 
a "false consciousness" of economic security, which is unsustainable"

-contrary to Toronto's amendment from Discussion #3, we wish that 
"(im)migrant" be left alone to recognize the different circumstances of 
immigrants with permanent residency and the especially precarious position 
of temporary foreign workers who are commonly referred to as "migrant 

Paragraph 51

-in the first sentence remove "in response to".

Paragraph 52

-change last sentence to "and the betrayal BY opportunist leaders" for 

Paragraph 59

-in the last sentence remove "our country" and replace with "Canada" to tone 
down the nationalistic zeal of the sentence

Paragraph 115

-add a last sentence which would state "The recent motions in the Ontario, 
Manitoba and Federal legislatures condemning Israeli Apartheid Week as 
"anti-semetic" are unprecedented attacks on campus based lecture series to 
promote Palestinian human rights. Though only the Ontario motion passed, 
they are particularly disturbing examples of pro-Zionist officials trying to 
silence young, anti-imperialist forces."

Paragraph 134

-add point "equality rights organizations such as LGBT-QI and Women's 

Paragraph 138

-add point "blocking student protestors at last fall's Drop Fees 
demonstrations at the Manitoba legislature"

Paragraph 160

-add action item "1. d) YCL collective participation in coalition work on 
progressive campaigns such as campaigns to reduce tuition fees and fight 
corporatization of campuses"

Paragraph 269-273

-contrary to Vancouver's proposal to remove this section we propose a 
rewrite. It is important to address the social nature of a YCL club and not 
discussing it won't make problems go away.

-we propose the following re-write:

paragraph 271

-Strike the last sentence and replace with "Therefore the social dimension 
is always there and social events help to consolidate clubs".

paragraph 272

Replace with the following to make the paragraph more positive and get rid 
of the "nerd communism" dilemma

-"Studying Communist and labour history, reading the classics and 
ideological work is very important. But YCL clubs are not venues to discuss 
obscure communist trivia. The YCL realizes that sectarian debates are not a 
substitute for revolutionary, humanist and internationalist solidarity with 
the real struggles of youth today"

*Constitutional Amendments***

We have received notice that the BC YCL Convention passed a resolution on 
the YCL logo, proposing that the logo add a star where the Maple-leaf was 
and place the worlds “YCL-LJC” under the start.

Although the Discussion bulletin editor had not received the exact wording 
by press time, and therefore these proposals will be made in the next 
discussion bulletin, we are alerting membership of this idea because we 
believe it is a significant proposal.

*Survey on Club work*

Please complete and return to the Central Executive c/o General Secretary 
Johan Boyden (jo...@ycl-ljc.ca)


Survey completed by:


*1. Alliances *

a) Describe your club’s involvement in local politics in the following areas 
of struggle. Please comment if members of the club are working with local 
activist groups or elected to committees.


Student movement

Labour/young workers

Democracy, civil rights, equity

Cuba and/or international solidarity


Electoral work and other joint work with the Communist Party of Canada


b) Describe in more detail your main areas of struggle and how the club is 
involve in it.

*2. Press*

Describe your club’s contribution and work on building Rebel Youth or 
Jeunesse Militante. If members have suggestions about improving RY/JM, 
please add them.

- How many subscriptions does your club handle?

- How many writers or other contributors come from your club?

- Does your club promote the RY blog?

*3. Membership *

a) Please indicate the *names* *and emails* of all your members, what is 
their age, if they have paid dues to date, if they hold a position (office) 
within the YCL, they are member since when,  if they regularly come to 
meetings, and what areas of political work - if any - they are engaged in or 
assigned to.

b) Describe the diversity of your club: Diversity in term of sex 
orientation, gender, origin, spoken language etc.

c) Do you find that members in your club take initiative for the YCL?

*4. Work inside the YCL*

Describe the connection of your club with other clubs and the central in the 
YCL. For example, do you have actions planned with other clubs? Or does your 
club meet people from the center?

*5. Criticism, self-criticism, future plans * Please indicate what problems 
or difficulties you have encountered in doing club work, collective short 
comings of the club, and if you have developed a plan of work for 2009.


*Thank you for completing this survey!*



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