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Mardi, 01 Septembre 2009 02:58

CC Report - September 2009 Featured

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  • Bookmark and Share s of dollars. That money is in the corporate purse. We declare that teachers working conditions are students learning conditions and call for youth and students to stand with educators in opposing these attacks! These issues should be brought to the attention of our conference calls of post-secondary and high school activists.


    Regarding Migrant workers

    Another area of sharpening struggle has been over migrant, immigrant, status and non-status workers. Our upcoming issue of RY will present a special article here.


    If you are a person of colour, a Roma, a young queer person, or anyone from Mexico or the Czech Republic seeking refuge status in Canada -- forget it.  But if you are a young white-skin South African, the refugee board apparently has one word for you: welcome!

    The acceptance of Brandon Huntley’s refugee claim on the basis of “persecution” by his fellow black citizens has again shamed Canada to the world, weeks after closing its doors to all refugee claims from the Czech Republic and Mexico.  But by taking this disgraceful decision not only does the Refugee Board expose its racist double-standards It also implicitly states to the world that, in eyes of Canada, black people can not run a country.

    This is not the viewpoint of the Canadian people.  This decision is so blatantly racist even the bull-dog Jason Kenney and the Harper regime have been forced to challenge it.  The Young Communist League of Canada denounces this decision, draws to the attention of the youth and students the political and ideological nature of appointments on the board that made the decision regarding Huntley. We re-asserts our demand for immediate equality-based immigration reforms, abolition of the forced-labour Bill C50 and further call for the Harper Conservatives fire the current racist board and issue an apology to South Africa.

    There can be no peaceful co-existence with racism and with the violence it invariably spawns.  In that hard struggle, justice will inevitably triumph and the Harper Tories and their refugee-denial boards will be left in the bio-hazard quarantine bin of history.


    Peace and solidarity, elections


    It is now becoming clearer that the Harper Tories are maneuvering again to extend the date of Canada’s war in Afghanistan, past 2011. The evidence includes: pressure on Canada from the US to extend the mission; negotiations to exclude Canada from Obama’s Buy America scheme supposedly including extending the mission; a re-styling by the corporate media of an extension as the troops remaining in a supposedly non-combat role; and opinion poll surveys to this effect. At this time we are dismayed that the Canadian Peace Alliance has not called for another cross-Canada day of action. A Canada-wide conference on the necessity of a visible and re-energized peace movement, like that which the Ontario CFS hosted but much bigger scale and involving organized labour, would seem to us a very relevant proposal. Certainly public opinion has not shifted away from its criticism of the war.


    The important tri-lateral meeting hosted by the Canadian Peace Congress in Toronto, Oct. 2-4, is endorsed by this meeting was supported to our full capacity. We are proud to announce that on this occasion the YCL-LJC joined the Peace Congress as an affiliate organization.


    We also note with support the recent publication of a special edition of “Vents Croisés” on “le recrutement militaire et nos écoles” being circulated among the Quebec peace movement. We should make efforts that this material reach English-speaking peace activists.


    The Harper Tories have again shifted Canadian foreign policy this summer to more aggressively acting as a diplomatic prop to various reactionary creations of US imperialism with their support of the coup in Honduras, but also continued backing of apartheid Israel, Colombia, and others.


    We express our total solidarity with the youth and students of Honduras, now approaching 70 days of consistent mobilization and with the emerging anti-coup National Front in their demand to boycott the fake elections and immediately return democratically elected President Zelaya.  We condemn the Canadian government’s support of the bloody coup, the role of Canadian corporations, and also denounce the US Obama administration’s role in this coup, the first in 25 years in Latin America, as Dr Frankenstein experimenting with a horrible monster to roll-back the gains of the people’s forces in Latin America.


    Rebel Youth blog is maintaining a special focus on Honduras.


    Against a backdrop of Canada’s ghoulish diplomatic support of reactionary regimes, there’s growing campus-based international solidarity including with Palestine, Cuba and Honduras.  As we have noted before many times, including in our open letter to the National Post condemning their red-baiting of the Toronto Student’s School group High School Students Against Israeli Apartheid, the attack on Palestine solidarity is particularly acute. We welcome the actions of prominent artists in critique of the Toronto International Film Festival’s City-to-City spotlight on Tel Aviv as well as the upcoming Toronto conference on Academic Freedom and Palestine solidarity.


    The executive is proposing the YCL-LJC contribute to the WFDY-endorsed campaign to Free Ahmad Saadat, the General Secretary of the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and in defense of the lives, health and rights of the over 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners held inside Israeli occupation jails. We have already written to Stop Israeli Apartheid, Can Pal Net, Stopwar, Jews for a Just Peace and International Solidarity Movement Vancouver regarding Sa'adat's case.


    We will also use our magazine to promote this campaign.


    Regarding the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the next WFDY meeting will be in Paris and although we will not be sending a representative we look forward to learning more about their timely discussions. Our participation in the Havana meeting this summer, and full paying of YCL dues to WFDY, was an important step forward in our international solidarity efforts with anti-imperialist youth organizations.


    Also in relation to WFDY, we are very happy, comrades, to announce the successful victory of the Communist Union of Czech Republic. The Supreme Court of Czech Republic has, as of Sept. 3rd, decided to cancel the ban. This meeting sends warm and militant congratulations to the KSM, an issue we worked on here in Canada!


    RUMOUR OF A FEDERAL ELECTION – Every few months it seems as if we are on the edge of a big pan-Canadian discussion which could be an opening for labour, youth and people’s movements to push a frank public debate about the crisis hitting youth, the attack on students, and the imperialist foreign policy of Canada: the Federal election.


    We note with dismay that both Ignatieff’s Liberal’s and Layton’s NDP show a marked shift to the right, especially with their position on the war in Afghanistan.  Commentators suggest Ignatieff “shows sign of a recovery in the hands of the Liberal Party in accordance with the ambitions of the most reactionary elements of the Canadian ruling class who want that Canada plays an active military role alongside the United States. In this scheme, there is a need to marginalize Quebec, considered too anti-war.” Our long-standing position has been that the Harper Conservatives must be removed by a mass-upsurge of people’s forces calling for a genuine alternative – not the Liberal Party.


    The Forum jeunesse du Bloc Québécois have announced election mobilization.  The Green youth are launching a new website.  So too have the NDP youth at their recent rather bland convention.  (To nobody’s surprise, the YCL has not received a response from the YND to our open letter calling for united action in combat against the economic crisis, but it caused debate in left and progressive circles of youth).


    Sadly these youth organizations lack much engagement in the real politics of youth. Our organization is of a different type. This meeting of the Central Cmte re-asserts our organizational autonomy and deep and warm ideological and political unity with the Communist Party of Canada and work to add a dynamic youth component to Communist campaigns, including high school student vote campaigns and high school youth parliament debates.


    The YCL in action!


    Lastly we turn to the question to our organization and highlight some good news.


    CADRE & EDUCATION – Clearly the biggest achievements of our YCL-LJC, are in the area of education having successfully brought together three schools across the country with the possibility of another in the East Coast.  In BC we saw over 20 young people gather for an excellent summer camp with sessions on current debates. The process of organizing this camp re-established the YCL BC Provincial Cmte and lifted the morale of the League.  On behalf of the YCL CEC I have written to the comrades in congratulations.


    In Ontario almost 30 youth came together for an intense school on fundamentals.  Work done at this school has resulted in the re-establishment of the Hamilton YCL.  It has further connected the clubs in Ontario, and highlighted the good work done by Guelph club in the occupation of the Guelph Busness Park development which has resulted in victory.


    In Quebec the LJC-Q did a joint school with the Party. Almost 20 people came, including 7 LJCers. This has also helped the work of the League in Quebec, which will be doing a presentation at the Forum Social Québécois in October, a major event for the left in Quebec.


    In preparation for the convention process, we have circulated small constitutions in English to membership, and have finished translating over half of the Constitution into French. We are still planning to re-print the Declaration of Unity and Resistance.


    We are also planning to distribute membership cards as well, and more people are paying dues in the League.


    PRESS AND AGITATION – The next issue of Rebel Youth has been printed. Our discussion high-lighted the need to produce another issue in January 2010 and set a deadline goal of December 1 for articles. An open letter will be circulated calling for an increase in subscriptions. The second issue of Jeunesse Militant published by the LJC-Q been printed and 100 issues sold or distributed.  This is a really outstanding achievement.


    Our website development has seen several setbacks but a new site will be online soon.


    Since our last Central Committee we have issued a number of statements educating our members and showing our positions: on the attack on Aboriginal youth; Quebec; in support of the Cuban Revolution; solidarity with Colombia, and on the Nova Scotia election of the NDP. We have posted most statements of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, with a few exceptions.


    Comrades, we are the Little Engine that could. We will need to keep saying as militants – Yes I can, Yes I can, Yes I can – not like the charlatan Obama did last November, but in the true spirit of that people’s slogan.


    We will need to fight. The dynamic that the youth and students play within the broader people’s struggles can be effected by our League.  The dynamic of our League is shaped by the leadership of this committee. Lets get out their and do it comrades!




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