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Whereas the actions of the Israeli government on May 31 against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters amounted to kidnapping, piracy, murder and an act of war;

And whereas this brazen military attack against unarmed civilians on the high seas – peace activists, including two Canadians, bringing humanitarian aid (baby food, clothing, medicines, building materials and other supplies desperately needed) to the imprisoned people of Gaza -- has rightly met with a storm of international condemnation including in Canada;

And whereas the Harper federal government, which was hosting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu when this attack took place, helped the state of Israel try to evade international criticism, continuing its role as an apologist for the criminal actions of the Israeli state;

And whereas the YCL-LJC has long demanded the immediate and unconditional lifting of the Israeli siege of Gaza, based on the implementation of all relevant U.N. resolutions, including:

  • Israel's complete withdrawal from all lands it has illegally occupied since the 1967 war;
  • the dismantling of the Apartheid wall and removal of all Israeli settlements;
  • the formation of a viable and genuinely independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital;
  • the guaranteed right of Palestinians to return to their homelands;
  • and the certifiable de-nuclearization of Israel, and mutual security guarantees for all states in the region.

And whereas until such basic justice is achieved for the Palestinian people, the Young Communist League will continue to support the international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel;

Be it therefore resolved that the Young Communist League of Canada endorse the Canadian Freedom Flotilla boat to Gaza;

And be it therefore further resolved that the YCL-LJC help build for the Freedom boat to go to Gaza by collecting material support.


Visit the website of the boat: click here



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