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Canada needs to make a sharp break with the current big business agenda immediately, putting people before profits. Mobilizing for OUR agenda on the streets is crucial. The Young Communist League is working today across Canada to help build the fightback by youth in labour and democratic movements, including anti-war committees, student groups, and trade unions. Together, we can defeat corporate globalization and imperialist aggression.


Many important gains needed today could be won with a broad, powerful people’s coalition on the streets that is also reflected in parliament. We need a new type of political movement championing real democratic alternatives for working people and pushing capitalism on the defensive. To truly transform society towards peace, justice and equality, we need to bring down the capitalist system. The long-term aim of the YCL is to build a socialist Canada that will be more democratic because the people will own the economy, not corporate elites. Youth have a big role!


The YCL is Canada’s oldest revolutionary youth organization. Formed in 1923, we struggled against the Great Depression, sent brigades to the Spanish civil war, resisted the cold war, and rallied for peace and nuclear disarmament. We helped build today’s student movement. The YCL is made up of school and community clubs across the country including Quebec, that fight for real change leading to socialism. We talk politics, and do action -- both as the YCL, and together in other group’s campaigns.


The YCL is with the World Federation of Democratic Youth, which unites communist and anti-imperialist youth groups from every continent, and has NGO observer status in the United Nations. The YCL is politically united with the Communist Party, and is organizationally autonomous. We have our own constitution, conventions, and membership.


In 2005 we helped build a Canadian delegation to the world’s biggest recent anti-imperialist youth festival, held in Venezuela. Last year we held our 24th Convention. We’re organizing. For 2009 we’re helping send a delegation to Cuba -- and building campaigns on peace, jobs and education. Get involved!


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