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Mr. Netanyahu: War Criminals Not Welcome!

The Young Communist League of Ontario condemns the presence of the leading war criminal of Apartheid Israel in our province.  Netanyahu is in Toronto to white-wash the Israeli state’s crimes and in Ottawa to shake hands with the Prime Minister of Canada, who is guilty of his own war crimes in Afghanistan.  We wholeheartedly support all progressive youth’s participation in mass actions to send a clear message: “War Criminals Not Welcome Here”!

This May, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people on the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba.  “Nakba” means “catastrophe” in Arabic, but Zionist military forces at the time referred to it as “cleansing”.  This horrific crime against humanity uprooted 750,000 Palestinians and turned the vast majority of Palestinian residents of what is now Israel into refugees who are still denied their right of return to their land.  Netanyahu has continued and expanded the Nakba with his support for the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem and the West Bank through the creation of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

The vast majority of the world, through the UN, has opposed Israeli expansionism for over 40 years as one of the principle road blocks to peace in the region.  This is the view most commonly held by Canadian youth, but it is not being reflected in Harper’s unconditional support for the most extreme pro-Zionist and genocidal measures taken by the Israeli state.

Netanyahu is also currently responsible for continuing war crimes in the Gaza Strip.  Israel’s crimes during last year’s 3 week massacre of 1,400 Palestinians (including over 300 children) have been detailed in Judge Richard Goldstone’s report to the United Nations Human Rights Council.  Goldstone, a Jewish South African Judge, found that Israel had used disproportionate force, targeted Palestinian civilians, used them as human shields, destroyed civilian infrastructure and had used weapons made illegal under international law.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Netanyahu is now increasing the casualties in Gaza as a result of the ruthless siege.  Human Rights groups from around the world have referred to Gaza as the “world’s largest open air prison” and have repeatedly called on Israel to lift the siege in order to allow international aid to reach a society in tremendous need of reconstruction.  Israel’s actions today in regards to the siege have been correctly described as “collective punishment”, which is a war crime under the Geneva Convention. 

The Young Communist League of Ontario also condemns Netanyahu’s Israel of maintaining and strengthening its Apartheid policies in the occupied territories and inside Israel itself.  We stand with South African anti-Apartheid veterans, such as Desmond Tutu, Ronnie Kasrils, COSATU, the ANC, the South African Communist Party and the Young Communist League of South Africa, in refusing to be intimidated and referring to Israel’s racist policies by their name as defined in international law - “Apartheid”. 

Tory Minister Jason Kenney and his gang of federal and provincial reactionaries are trying to suppress a growing people’s movement by attacking Canadian democratic rights and labelling any criticism of Israel as “hate-speech”.  We stand in solidarity with “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” who are struggling against the corporate censorship taking place within Toronto Pride and with students who are fighting university administrations and Conservative student groups’ attempts at censorship on campuses.  The truth is that growing numbers of Jewish Canadians and young peoples of all backgrounds are speaking out against Israel’s policies and joining the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Netanyahu’s Apartheid Israel.

The Young Communist League of Ontario understands that Israel’s policies cannot be analyzed in isolation.  The likes of war criminals such as Netanyahu and Harper can only be understood when looking at their role as agents of American Imperialism, whose military expenditure is as much than all other countries on earth combined.  Israel is American Capital’s guard dog in the Middle East, while Canada is its side kick and accomplice in the dirty war in Afghanistan.  It is capitalism and corporate interests that create war, racism and economic injustice around the world. Ultimately the way forward to win global, just and lasting peace is through the overthrow of the economic system which leads to global conflict.

War Criminals Not Welcome Here!  Youth unite for Peace and Socialism!

Statement of the YCL - Ontario Provincial Executive Committee

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CC Report - February 2008



Dear Comrades,

Our meeting today comes at a time of continued volatility in the political situation. This is reflected in the struggles of the student and youth movement. In the opinion of the CEC, the analysis and resulting priorities of work adopted by the Fall 2007 meeting of the YCL-LJC Central Committee are still valid – not least our observation that “it is the mass movements of people’s organizations that will embolden the opposition parties to fight the Harper Tories,” the main menace to Canadian youth today.

Before turning to the main task at hand in this meeting – a deep reaching discussion about Rebel Youth – I would, however, like to make a few brief comments about the current domestic and international situation.



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CC Report - WFDY General Meeting



Drew Garvie

May 2009



On May 8th and 9th, the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) held its General council meeting in Havana, Cuba.  The Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas of Cuba played host to more than one hundred delegates, from fourty-three different youth organizations from around the world.  I had the pleasure of being the delegate from the YCL-LJC Canada, a founding member of WFDY immediately after WWII and which successfully regained its membership in WFDY last year.

CC Report - May 2009


JUNE 2009


Our meeting comes at an extraordinary and critical period for labour, the people’s movements, and the youth movement. A lot has happened in just the eight months since we last met. As the Central Executive said this May Day, “With the current economic crisis, the mask of imperialism has been ripped off with the full explosive force of its own internal contradictions. Youth and students and the working peoples of the world are being forced to pay for a crisis we did not create.”[1]

We agree that, while neo-liberalism has intensified the outcomes of the current crisis, the crisis “is not the result of the implementation of neoliberal policies such as free trade, deregulation, privatization, and anti-labour employment policies, etc.; rather, it is the inevitable outcome of the systemic crisis of capitalism itself.”[2]

It’s all the more important for young people to empower their critical thinking with though study of Marxism. But if we kept our response at the level of analysis, we’d be making a terrible mistake. We’re in a juncture that is importunately calling out for action.

In the opinion of the CEC, it is imperative for the youth movement, including the YCL, to catch this wave, and do our best to funnel it into constructive, united mass struggle.  We must come out of this meeting with a commitment to a focused discussion on this question, grounded in local work, across our league.

CC Report - September 2009


YCL-LJC Central Committee

Finalized by CEC Oct, 2009



Dear comrades,


As our Central Committee meets, students in high school, Cégep, college and university have recently returned to school.  It was a “bum summer” indeed we just went through, with record high youth unemployment.  Again the young people are paying education user-fees, housing bills and getting deeper into debt.

September shows our generation turning to reject big business policies, and also combat them.

Then there’s us, the Young Communist League.  We in the executive are frankly scrambling. It is a good kind of scrambling.  In the May Central Committee our political report talked about “catching the wave” – connecting with the sentiments of anger of the youth. There is evidence we’re making progress here. Certainly there’s a hell of a lot to get active with.  Were stretched and we have to talk about priorities.

Spreading the word, putting the Young Communist League’s ideas into action, building the fight-back – you can’t say it enough. It’s really important at this juncture.

Let’s get into it.


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