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October 6, 2010

  1. The Convention was held Sept. 24 to 26 at the University of Toronto campus. Twenty one full delegates participated*; including special guests and alternates over thirty comrades attended. A full credentials report is available from the CEC.

  2. The Convention concluded a seven-month period of ideological mobilization by the League on important questions about the youth and student fight back and the role of the YCL. This included oral and written discussion. Six discussion bulletins of comments from outgoing leadership, members, clubs, committees, and friends who are non-members were completed and circulated.

  3. The convention approved an opening political report from General Secretary Johan Boyden, a main political resolution, and about twenty special resolutions on topical issues.

  4. 4. Regarding the main political resolution:

    1. The convention debated over a hundred amendments to the main political resolution sent by YCL clubs, committees, and individual comrades;
    2. The convention confirmed the main thesis of the report: The global economic crisis, transferred through the policies of the Harper Conservatives, is the primary attack that the youth and people’s movements must unite and combat.
    3. The convention confirmed that the proposed priority areas of struggle for the YCL with one significant change: it instructed the League to make the broader question of the environmental struggle a priority, rather than the narrower proposal to involve the YCL in the climate change movement.
    4. The areas of struggle for the YCl are: young workers, peace and anti-imperialism, the student movement, and the environment.
    5. The convention confirmed and elaborated that the YCL demand for a Charter of Youth Rights as a basis for unity of the youth in the struggle. It added the demand for education as a right of youth, in addition to Peace; Jobs; Democracy; A democratic solution to the national question; Recreation, culture, sports; A healthy environment; and Full equality.


  1. Other highlights of the convention included:
    1. Discussion about deepening participation of the YCL in young women’s struggles and a special report from the women’s fraction on building the League among young women;
    2. Greetings to the convention from Miguel Figueroa, leader of the Communist Party of Canada;
    3. Delegates marched out onto the streets to participate in the cross-Canada day of Action against the war in Afghanistan and heard greetings from the President of the Canadian Peace Congress;
    4. Greetings from the World Federation of Democratic Youth, of which the YCL is a full member, highlighting the importance of the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students.


  1. At the end of the convention the delegates elected a new nine-person Central Committee, (with seven regionally-based alternates) and representation from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Five are young women; four are active trade unionists; six are student activists. The Central Committee elected an executive of four people:

    1. Drew Garvie, YCL Ontario organizer, as an at-large member;
    2. Marianne Breton Fontaine, leader of the LJC-Québec and editor of Jeunesse Militante as treasurer;
    3. Stephen Von Sychowski, YCL BC organizer and coordinator of Rebel Youth magazine, as Central Organizer;
    4. Johan Boyden, YCL staff person, as General Secretary.

    5. The new Central Committee of the YCL instructed the Executive to release the convention documents in French and English in printed form, by November. Many special resolutions and opening political report of the General Secretary are available on the YCL website now and other documents will be released during this month.

    6. The new Central Committee of the YCL made an evaluation that the convention was a great success, with vigorous, comprehensive, theoretically informed and generally action-oriented discussion by delegates, as well as healthy level of democracy and a strong sense of unity in the organization. The convention sent a bold demand for a stronger, more united and more militant youth and student movement in Canada, fighting for peace, jobs, accessible education, the environment, and a charter of youth rights!

    7. The convention was concluded at 11pm on Sunday night with the loud and proud signing of the Interntionale in French and English

      *Delegation ratio was one to three based on clubs (excluding at large members)

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