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The following submissions make up Discussion Bulletin #2 for our upcoming 25th Central Convention. We welcome your submissions either individually, or from your Club, for Bulletin #3. Please send your submission to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by April 25th.


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1. Discussion Submissions



2. Amendments



3. Constitutional



4. Special submissions




The following submissions make up Discussion Bulletin #2 for our upcoming 25th Central Convention. We welcome your submissions either individually, or from your Club, for Bulletin #3. Please send your submission to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by April 25th.


Comrades are reminded that the deadline is fast approaching in our content to see which Club can raise the most money towards, or above, its quote by the end of April. The winner will receive a bottle of Cuban rum. Watch the next Discussion Bulletin for a list of fundraising ideas.



1. Discussion Submissions


Building the Next Generation of Canadian Communists

Submitted by Vancouver Club


…I must say that the tasks of the youth in general, and of the Young Communist Leagues and all other organizations in particular, might be summed up in a single word: learn.


These words, from “The Tasks of the Youth League,” by V.I. Lenin reminds us of our key task as a Young Communist League; to rear the next generation of Canadian Communists, steeled in the struggles of youth and students and standing on a solid foundation of Marxist-Leninist theory and practice. As the old slogan goes “learn to struggle, struggle to learn.”


Much in the way that revolutions don’t simply drop out of the blue by surprise, neither do Communists nor do leaders. What is needed is concerted and planned efforts aimed at education and ideological development. In the past three years we have seen marked improvement in the frequency, quality, and attendance of educationals, discussion groups, schools, and summer camps around the country. We could list quite a few young comrades who have developed a relatively advanced understanding of Marxism-Leninism around the country. Many have advanced on from the League to the Communist Party either while remaining in the League, or by aging out of the League.


We submit the following proposals for increasing and improving efforts along these lines in the coming three years:


  • Continue and, when possible, expand YCL schools and camps with special attention to the needs of members in specific areas.


  • Work with the Communist Party to ensure that educational efforts are complimentary to each others. Make efforts to include YCL members in party educational work where possible.


  • Publish a pamphlet presenting an in-depth analysis of the youth and student movement in Canada and the role of young communists in it for use in YCL clubs, for sale as a fundraiser, and as a way to get our analysis in to the broader youth and student movement.


  • Investigate the possible uses of the internet for educational purposes i.e. online discussion groups, Youtube videos etc.


  • Increase the quantity of study guides and other educational materials available on the YCL website.


Ongoing efforts to continue, and speed up, this work are indispensable in a time when the youth and students are threatened by global economic and environmental catastrophe at the hands of the capitalist system. We know that only the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of socialism will solve these problems in the long term. Internally, our movement always faces the danger of being put off course by opportunism from the left and right, and by revisionism. Today right opportunism and revisionism pose the most serious dangerous threat and must be challenged whenever it rears its head.


Violence against Women and Children

Submitted by Philip, Toronto Club


As Communists we are all aware of the immense violence that is bred by capitalism. But this violence doesn’t just exist overseas in a variety of vicious imperialist wars; it exists at home and in homes. Section six of our document should make some reference to the issues discussed here, perhaps between the paragraphs on racism and homophobia.


In a classic example of ‘bourgeois formalism’, the laws and legal systems of most capitalist countries would have the people believe that equality exists between men and women. For Communists, of course, this formalism is meaningless without practical application, which can never and will never happen under capitalism. Gender equality in a society that tolerates such widespread and extreme abuse of women by men as found in Canada today is impossible. The Canadian Women’s Foundation reports:


- Over half (51%) of women in Canada have suffered at least one case of physical or sexual abuse since the age of 16.


- Every minute of every day, a woman or child is being sexually assaulted. That’s over half a million a year.


- Between one and two women are murdered every day in Canada by a current or former partner.


- The physical and sexual abuse of women and children disproportionately affects those on lower incomes and women and children of colour. The most shocking example of this is the case of First Nations women and the enormous tribulations they have experienced in this regard (for the most part ignored – shamefully - by bourgeois press and society).


All these tendencies toward abuse extend to children, who suffer some of the most consistent, long-term and horrendous sexual and physical violence that capitalist society has to offer:


- Every year in Canada, up to 360,000 children are exposed to domestic violence. By refusing to effectively deal with this fact, capitalist society has created a vicious cycle of violence and abuse which can only contribute to the proliferation of such tendencies.


- The current level of the sexual abuse of children is perhaps one of the most extreme, disturbing and urgent indicators of what happens to communities and individuals as capitalist society decays. All around us we can see people’s lives and minds are being crushed by an intensifying exploitation and alienation at work and in social life. Indeed, life in capitalism is so immersed in violence and selfishness, and so demented and reified in the way it copes with inter-personal relations, that an epidemic in sexual abuse toward children has emerged without any effective response being offered. The level of internet activity currently dedicated to the production and distribution of images of the most distressing forms of sexual and physical violence toward children serves as a criminal indictment of what life under capitalism can create and tolerate.


Communists should be talking about these issues in a way which does not hide from the extremity of that with which we are faced. We need to expose the link between the ethics of capitalist society and its economic structure as they impact violence against women and children. For the capitalist class, violence against women and children is simply a non-issue – why would it be, unless it posed a serious threat to their profits? The issues discussed here are an inevitable consequence of the capitalist mode of production, which is determinant in the last instance of the intensity of this problem.


This is a point Communists should not only be making but should be seen to be making loud and clear, as it speaks directly to all those hundreds of thousands that have been brutalized and gives us the opportunity elaborate a far better society, one which could never facilitate or tolerate such a living nightmare of violence – socialism.


Regarding “Part 4 - struggles of secondary and post-secondary students”

Submitted by a student activist in Ontario

Please note that we are accepting submissions from close friends who are not members of the YCL-LJC to help deepen the discussion and encourage everyone who wants to comment to get involved in the discussion.


119, 120 and 121. I agree with the contradiction posed as one of private industry requiring a skilled workforce and it being a question of who pays for it. I do think though that you ignore an important component and it is the argument of societal need for an educated workforce. This helps break the argument of who pays, and then it becomes an issue of how we pay. If the argument is that as a society - due to the industrialization process we've lived through- now requires a trained and skilled workforce at a higher level than the foregone conclusion is that we must therefore provide that  training (i.e. post-secondary education) to all. It mirrors the argument had in the past about universal access to secondary education. In the class analysis, you mention the under-representation of working-class youth in post-secondary education and subsequently in the student movement leadership; additionally I would add the under-representation from marginalized communities such as racialised, non-status, aboriginal, etc.


122. I think somewhere in the section about privatization you should include a section about the privatization of curriculum, research and teaching spaces. This is especially important for graduate students and the impact it has on the relationship between private industry, the state and public institutions. We are continuously implementing a model that has dramatically changed universities from public institutions to private ones governed by BOGs with ever increasing representation from the private sector. We paired up this restructuring of the governance with a direct restructuring of financing by off-loading costs from public dollars (through provincial contributions to Universities and Colleges) to private funding (i.e. tuition fees). In addition the restructuring of governance away from a public model means that those private corporate interests take on more and more ground, we start seeing those interests directing research, literally auctioning off the names on buildings, renaming programs, creating and eliminating (i.e. women's studies) programs, etc.


126. I would mention that tuition fees are lowest in Quebec and New Foundland, however in Quebec in the midst of a completely fractured student movement in that province tuition fee hikes are being implemented, while in NF they have held a 10 year tuition fee freeze after a 25% reduction, recently secured interest-free loans and additional funding for their provincial grants program, the difference, students in NF are 100% united. (all members of the Federation)


144. I wouldn't say that the problems in the CFS are just internal, I think what it is it's a reflection of the fight on our campuses, there are very organized right wing elements on our campuses, and they are inching ahead in the control of student unions and student collective resources. Those right-wing elements that find themselves in positions of leadership will use that influence to further their own agenda. In this past year, the concerted efforts of both right-wing ideologues and short-sighted self-proclaimed “ultra-leftists” have resulted in an outright attack on the unity of the student movement. No changes to the collective campaign or political advocacy line were put forward by any of them, because that argument will never win with the rest of the student union activists that find themselves at the decision making bodies of the Federation (i.e. their general meetings). What happened this year is an outright attack on the value of the union. Just as in the case of workers, unions will be as strong as their members are, attacking the existence of the union is never a way to effect change, simply a way to ensure those in power remain unchallenged. It is not simply 'opportunist' it is outright scabbing.


145. I completely agree, this is an opportunity for those of us that believe that a movement is only strong when its members are mobilized to make sure we are doing that work effectively.


146. Although I see some of the points you make here, I wouldn't say that the liberal outlooks are predominant. And they definitely vary from province to province, i.e. Ontario and Manitoba are on my good books.


147. The whole Quebec issue is complicated, the Federation worked for a long time as a partner with the Quebec student movement, part of their challenge is the lack of stability, FEUQ and ASSE have completely fluid membership which can change dramatically from year to year, the outcome of the strike in 2005 was a completely fractured student movement despite their success, and things are only getting worse. The CFS only organized Anglophone locals that were initiated organically, at the time there was recognition that Quebec's sovereignty should be recognized by working in partnership with the Quebec student movement; things have changed a bit since.


152. I think you should have a bit of a section on the National Aboriginal Caucus, it's the only formally constituted national aboriginal student representation, they have organized some successful events and demonstrations over the past couple of years and have certain autonomy within the Federation.


153. I don't think the problem is English speaking chauvinism (not this time anyway), in fact in the recent past Quebec is usually looked at as an example for student organizing and successful mobilization, I think the problem lies more with the inability to find a way to both recognize multi-nationalism and organize in that province.

2. Amendments to the Main Political Resolution


Vancouver Club Submissions


Paragraph 10: Change “Climate change” to “Environment” with the resulting implication that the primary fields of the work be “Peace, Jobs, Education, Environment.”


Paragraph 24: Add a new point “the ban of communist symbols in Poland”


Paragraph 26: Change “Funding national uprisings in China” to “Funding and promoting reactionary nationalist uprising in China.”


Paragraph 28: Add two additional points. First: “the resistance of the Greek working class led by PAME and the KKE which has seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets” and: “the March demonstration of 75,000 in Quebec in support of public sector workers”


Paragraph 55: Change the first sentence to read “The global expression of anti-imperialist youth resistance is the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).”


Paragraph 56:  Change point 2.b. to read “Work to raise the profile of WFDY through our international work.”


Add an additional paragraph between 63 and 64 which shall read “Bailout packages to the tune of billions of dollars of public funds have been given to corporations and banks across the world and in Canada specifically. These bailouts should be vigorously opposed as a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich aimed at stabilizing the capitalist system at the expense of the working class, youth, and students.”


Paragraph 83: Move this paragraph to section 7 between paragraphs 223 and 224.


Paragraph 91: Correct spelling error at the end of first sentence from “imperialist” to “imperialism.”


Paragraph 106: Change the words “The ‘enemy’ is racialized as ‘vermin’” to read “the ‘enemy’ is dehumanized, and portrayed as ‘vermin’”


Paragraph 112: Add an additional point to read “Solidarity with the people of Honduras.”


Paragraph 113: Replace paragraph with the following: “Notably disconnected from these legitimate anti-imperialist causes is the so-called “Free Tibet” movement which is supported by many liberal and progressive youth in Canada. The true nature of this campaign starts in 1950 with the liberation of Tibet from the feudal and theocratic regime of the Dali Lama. The YCL-LJC rejects the notion that “Free Tibet” represents a legitimate anti-imperialist movement.”


Paragraph 115: Add “The formation of the so-called Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism sets a dangerous precedent which has been supported by the Conservative, Liberal, and New Democrat Parties. The true nature of this Coalition is pro-Zionist as it aims not to fight anti-Semitism, but to tar all those who oppose the Zionist Apartheid system as anti-Semites and to thereby justify infringing upon their democratic rights.”


Paragraph 146: Add a sentence to read “A CFS basing itself on militant struggle for the interests of students would no doubt win the interest and support of a much wider array of students and help to pull the rug out from under anti-CFS forces.”


Paragraphs 162-187 we propose the following changes/re-writes/additions:


Paragraph 162:  While the issue of climate change is increasingly important in the international political agenda and especially with respect to the mobilization of youth, it is necessary to open the debate on why the YCL-LJC should get involved in the movement against climate change as a priority. The issue of climate change has engaged many young people today – first, because the nature of the impacts which will primarily involve the young generation, secondly because most of us were born at a moment when climate debate became very public.


Paragraph 163:  The Copenhagen conference teaches us many things. First, it illustrates how climate change is mobilizing the masses and especially the youth in all countries. The Asia-Pacific started the flow of events around the world with some 50,000 people in the streets in Australia, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. In Manila, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and as in most major Canadian cities, rallies of several hundred protesters were also held. In Copenhagen itself, hundreds of thousands of people began marching in the cold to protest.


Paragraph 164:  With the abysmal failure of this United Nations conference which was suppose to conduct an agreement between states to reduce GHG and be following the Kyoto agreement; it becomes obvious to the people that the imperialist countries have no desire to act. The strings of this conference were pulled by the United States and its allies including Canada. The so-called agreement that came out was not obtained in a democratic way and is a farce. The leaders of imperialist nations refuse to acknowledge their primary role in causing this disaster and will reject any agreement that could jeopardize their control of the world’s wealth and resources.


Paragraph 165: More specifically, the most extreme example of this is the Alberta tar sands, Canada’s largest source of pollution and a multi-billion dollar source of revenue. Canada continues to exploit and degrade the local water supply, leading to massive amounts of cancer in Northern Indigenous populations. By 2015, the Alberta Oil Sands are expected to emit more greenhouse gases than Denmark, a nation with the population of 5.4 million. The social and environmental costs are just too high, yet the Canadian government continues to extract and sell oil to the United States, to fuel their war machine, which accounts for the majority of tar sands consumption.


Paragraph 166: Causes of climate change


Paragraph 167: The general public has been taught to believe that industry and our individual consumption is causing climate change. But as Marxists, we know that this is not so much industry as the way it is implemented; in other words. Much like the global economic crisis, capitalism is the decisive cause of climate change. As a system based upon continuous economic growth, increasing exploitation of not only labour, but also the environment is necessary to fuel the engine of capitalism.


Paragraph 169:  It is not without reason that the media propagate massively the idea of the individual solution, as it is an easy marketing technique to encourage frustrated young people wishing to effect environmental change to consume their products. Individual consumer choices, such as purchasing an electric car, organic vegetables or any other new product which only the rich can afford are not a solution to climate change. Market-based solutions continue to only perpetuate the problem and distract youth from the problem at hand: capitalism.


Paragraph 170: As long as it remains profitable, corporations will continue to exploit workers and the environment, regardless of the consequences. By removing our natural resources and the means of production from profit seeking corporations, we are able to produce and consume in a sustainable manner, according to human need, not for corporate gain. Under capitalism, this is not possible; the only way out of this catastrophe is the nationalization of our resources, land and production under a socialist government. Youth, who are very passionate about environmental change need to learn that in working together in beating capitalism and worker exploitation, are also working to end the current environmental crisis.


Paragraph 170:  We need to consider the demands of Evo Morales, President of the Republic of Bolivia and others who call for climate reparations, and funding sustainable technologies in the developing world. The obstacle to this is imperialism, which prefers to make trillions of dollars off these countries rather than address the gravity of climate change.


Paragraph 171:  Climate change is not caused by all classes. The working men and women of the world do not consume as the bourgeoisie class does. Half the planet lives on less than $ 2 per day and is not liable as the capitalists who exploit them. Furthermore, it will not consistently impact humanity. Those who are most affected by environmental crisis will be the poorest in the world. Climate change will bring the disruption of ecosystems, and therefore lifestyles that are more dependent on the immediate environment. It will affect the health of populations, such as the development of certain infectious and respiratory diseases. Which brings us back to fight for a public health system accessible to all.


Paragraph 172:  In 2007, the Secretary General of the United Nations said that in many developing countries, youth, and in particularly girls and young women, are often responsible for agricultural work, collecting water and firewood, tasks which "will become more difficult and take longer at the expense of education and productive activities as climate change affects access to water, agricultural productivity and the survival of ecosystems.”


Paragraph 173:  Imperialism is considering other approaches to solving global warming as well – so called “Plan B.” This is because the effects of global warming have already begun and are expected to get much worse. Therefore immediate problems of mitigation come into play. Plan B or Geo-engineering is the intentional large-scale manipulation of the global environment, generally to reduce undesired climatic change (i.e., initiating a giant plankton bloom in the ocean, or the injection of large amounts of sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere simulating a volcanic eruption). NASA, the British Institute of Mechanical Engineers, the British Royal Society, and the UK parliament are all doing studies on geo-engineering.  But these nightmarish solutions could cause unknown damage.


Paragraph 174:  YCL-LJC can not be absent from this debate, especially since it excites the youth of today. The YCL needs to develop concrete and firm positions on climate change and other important environmental issues, as they go hand in hand with the exploitation of young workers, students and international youth.


Reproductive Rights


Paragraph 187:  In recent years, women’s right to chose has also been under increased attack with the coming to power of the anti-choice Conservative government. It is well known that the Conservative Party opposes women’s right to chose. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has even suggested holding a referendum on the question aimed at stripping women of this fundamental right over their own bodies. Harper is even taking his fundamentalist Christian ideology abroad, in denying G8 funding for contraception and access to safe abortions in the developing world. This funding is essential for the world’s most impoverished women to maintain their sexual health and independence from unwanted pregnancies.


Paragraph 194: Correct typo in first sentence from “quite revolution” to “quiet revolution”


Paragraph 202: Add a new paragraph to the section on homophobia to read “The YCL-LJC also condemns the homophobic actions of Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in blocking references to LGBT-QI rights in the new study guide for immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship.”


Paragraph 204: Correct typo in first sentence from “LGTB-QI” to “LGBT-QI”


Paragraph 217: Change the word “Queen” to “Crown”


Paragraph 251: Add education to list of demands.


Paragraph 265: Change first sentence to read “The YCL is a school where young communist can learn Marxism-Leninism and put it in to practice: learn to struggle, struggle to learn.”


Paragraph 272: Replace paragraph with the following “It is not enough to simply partake in online activism, or to learn historical trivia about communism. We need concerted and organized efforts to learn Marxist-Leninist theory and communist ideology and to put it into practice in the struggles of youth and students. This is the real role of the YCL.”


Paragraphs 269-273: We propose the removal of these paragraphs altogether.


Paragraph 279: Add the following: “One of the main goals of the incoming Central Committee should be to continue the process of regularizing the in-print publication of Rebel Youth at four issues per year.”


Whereas the section on “Resistance in Secondary and Post Secondary” does not include enough content relating to high school students.

Be it resolved that the incoming Central Executive, in consultation with comrades in high schools across the country, add additional content relating to the issues and struggles of youth in high school before publishing the final version of the documents.


Whereas the section on “Resistance in Secondary and Post Secondary” does not talk about the problem of private schools.

Be it resolved that a new paragraph be added to this section which will read “While public schools continue to be subject to deep funding cuts, private schools continue to receive public funding in many parts of the country. The YCL demands an end to all funding of private schools and a subsequent strengthening of the public school system.”


Whereas the section on “Resistance in Secondary and Post Secondary” does not include content on the question of academic freedom.


Be it resolved that the following additional paragraph be entered into this section: “Restrictions on academic freedom remain as a significant problem in schools around Canada. Students and professors often face discrimination because of their political beliefs. The YCL stands for full academic freedom.”


Whereas the terms “Third World” and “Second World” are not necessarily accurate or current.


Be it resolved that all such references in the documents for the 25th Central Convention be changed to “global south.”


Whereas the terms Global Warming and Climate Change are not necessarily interchangeable but are used interchangeably throughout the document.

Be it resolved that all references to Global Warming be changes to say Climate Change.


Whereas the current layout and bullet/numbering system is unclear, inconsistent, and confusing.


Be it resolved that the entire document be reviewed and the layout fixed and edited before being published post Convention.


Toronto Club Submissions


1. With regard to the Call to the Convention and the Introduction


- Club feels the several references to ‘youth’ to be somewhat vague and nebulous, and lacking in class analysis. Some youth are not exploited or oppressed, they are thoroughly bourgeois and not our allies simply by virtue of being young.


- Club suggests “working-class youth”  be substituted for “youth”.


2. With particular regard to page 4


- System of numbering paragraphs is both odd and confusing.


3. Proposed Constitutional Amendments


Submission from Trail Club


With warm greetings Comrades, the Young Communist League Club of Trail, British Columbia presents its proposal of resolutions, constitutional amendments, and Bylaws for consideration at the 25th Central Convention of the Young Communist League. These additions will serve to better structure the conventions, as well as flush out certain rules which we in the League have already begun to debate.


We sincerely hope that proposed amendments to the Bylaws we have put forward are sent in to further clear up any structural problems or developments which have been neglected.


When reviewing and considering these motions, please read through everything we have put forward before making up your mind on individual motions or portions of the Bylaws. Many of these motions relate in some way to the others, and the intention of these motions is best achieved by adoption of them all together.


In Solidarity,

Zachary E Crispin

Organizer, Trail Club


1 Constitutional Amendments


Whereas Article 19 of the Constitution allows for the adoption of Bylaws.


Whereas Bylaws should be amendable and retractable to prevent needless rigidity.


Whereas Bylaws regulate the regular function of the organization but are not intended to prevent the development of the YCL or negate the Constitution.


Be it resolved that Article 19 of the Constitution be amended to include a 3rd point which shall read: Bylaws may be adopted, amended, or repealed by a simple majority of the Central Convention.


Be it further resolved that Article 19 of the Constitution be amended to include a 4th point which shall read: Any or all Bylaws may be repealed at any time by the Central Committee in the event that regular functioning of the organization be interrupted by state persecution, imperialist invasion, or armed struggle.


2 Constitutional Amendment


Be it resolved that Article 19 of the Constitution be amended to included a 5th point which shall read: Bylaws adopted at the Central Convention come into effect at the adjournment of that Central Convention, unless otherwise decided by that Central Convention.


3 Constitutional Amendment


Whereas National Conventions are not higher bodies of the YCL than Provincial Conventions.


Whereas National Committees are not higher bodies of the YCL than Provincial Committees.


Whereas the current wording of Article 6, Section 1 of the constitution confuses the power of these Conventions and Committees.


Whereas Article 6, Section 1 of the Constitution excludes National Executives in the list of levels of authority.


Be it resolved that Article 6, Section 1 of the Constitution be amended to include National Executives in the list of levels of authority.


Be it further resolved that Article 6, Section 1 of the Constitution be amended to read: Within the scope of duties and powers assigned them either by the constitution or by the authorization of the constitution, the following shall be the levels of authority in the YCL: Central Convention; Central Committee; Central Executive; National Conventions, Provincial Conventions; National Committees, Provincial Committees; National Executives, Provincial Executives; Clubs.


4 Constitutional Amendment


Whereas the Central Committee may consult the Constitution and interpret its meaning for direction between Central Conventions.


Whereas Bylaws append the Constitution, are binding, and are also meant to direct the Central Committee.


Be it resolved that Article 16, Section 2 be amended to read: The Central Committee shall have the right to interpret the constitution and bylaws, and all procedures in any or all matters not covered by the constitution and bylaws.


5 Constitutional Amendment


Whereas Article 9 of the Constitution refers only to Provincial Committees, and there is no such Article regarding the development of National Committees.


Whereas the exclusion of a development plan for National Committees is in itself an example of National Chauvinism.


Be it resolved that Article 9 of the Constitution be renamed: Provincial Committees and National Committees.


Be it further resolved that Article 9, Section 1 of the Constitution be replaced with: Where sufficient clubs exist in one province or nation, the Central Executive shall convene a National Convention or Provincial Convention. This convention shall elect a National Committee or Provincial Committee.


Be it further resolved that Article 9, Section 2 of the Constitution be replaced with: The National Committee or Provincial Committee shall elect a National or Provincial Secretary, Organizer, and Treasurer; respectively.


Be it further resolved that Article 9, Section 3 of the Constitution be replaced with: The Provincial Committee or National Committee shall elect from its ranks a National Executive or Provincial Executive the size of which will be determined by the committee. This Executive will direct the work of the YCL in that nation or province between National Committee or Provincial Committee meetings, respectively.


Be it further resolved that Article 9, Section 4 of the Constitution be replaced with: The National Executive or Provincial Executive will transmit decisions of the National or Provincial; or Central Committees to the clubs; respectively.


Be it further resolved that Article 9, Section 5 of the Constitution be replaced with: The National Committee or Provincial Committee shall meet at least quarterly. The National Executive or Provincial Committee shall meet at least bi-monthly.


6 Constitutional Amendment


Whereas Article 10 of the Constitution refers only to Provincial Conventions, and there is no such Article regarding the development of National Conventions.


Whereas the exclusion of a development plan for National Conventions is in itself an example of National Chauvinism.


Be it resolved that Article 10 of the Constitution be renamed: National Convention and Provincial Convention.


Be it further resolved that Article 10, Section 1 of the Constitution be replaced with: The National Committee or Provincial Committee shall call conventions at least every two  years, or when two-thirds of the members call for such.


Be it further resolved that Article 10, Section 2 of the Constitution be replaced with: The National Convention or Provincial Convention shall establish policies which will govern the activities of the YCL within the nation or province in question within the over-all scope of the policy and structure set out by the Central Convention. It shall also elect the National Committee or Provincial Committee.


Be it further resolved that Article 10, Section 3 of the Constitution be replaced with: Election of delegates to the National Convention or Provincial Convention shall be in accordance with the guidelines issued by the National Committee or Provincial Committee, respectively. These guidelines must ensure that all centers elect delegates by secret ballot and on a proportional basis.


7 Constitutional Amendment


Be it resolved that Article 9, Section 5 of the Constitution be amended to require that National Committees and Provincial Committees meet at least monthly.


8 Constitutional Amendment


Whereas Article 4 of the Constitution refers to inclusion in the YCL as “membership”.


Whereas Article’s 4, 5, 7, 12, 13 and 22 of the Constitution refer to those holding membership as “members”.


Whereas Article 21 refers to those holding membership as “comrades” and is incongruent with the Constitution for doing so.


Be it resolved that Article 21 be amended to refer to those holding membership as “members” and not as “comrades”.


9 Adoption of Bylaws


Whereas Bylaws function to smooth the functioning of large organizations.


Whereas the YCL is developing into a pan-Canadian organization and will require flushed out guidelines on procedure.


Whereas many of the organizational structures of the YCL are not inherent to Marxism-Leninism, and therefore not necessary as constitutional Articles.


Be it resolved that the attached Bylaws be adopted.


Be it further resolved that the Bylaws come into effect immediately.






The Young Communist League is the name of the organization. In this document it shall be referred to as the League.


The Central Convention is the highest body of the organization. In this document it shall be referred to as the Convention.




These are the Bylaws of the Young Communist League of Canada.




2. 1 – Gender Alternating Speakers List


All meetings of the League shall operate with a Gender Alternating Speakers List. The speakers list shall alternate between males and females who wish to speak.


2. 2 – Meeting Chair


All meetings of the League shall have an elected chairperson. Any body of the League may elect a standing chairperson with a limited term. Standing Chairpersons may hold other positions within the League, but the position of Chair is solely to facilitate meetings.


When electing Meeting Chairs the candidate’s knowledge of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Roberts Rules of Order should be considered.


2. 3 – Dual Speaking List


All Conventions; Central, National, Provincial, or Regional; will operate dual speaking line. One line for speakers in favour of motions debated; a second line for speakers against motions debated.


If there are no speakers on one side of the debate when discussion on a motion begins, the chair will allow only two speakers from the other unless otherwise decided by that convention.




3. 1 – Discussion Documents


The outgoing Central Committee shall circulate initial Discussion Documents no less than four (4) months prior to the Convention. Initial Discussion Documents shall include a Draft Political Resolution, Draft Plan of Work, and any motions the outgoing Central Committee intends to put forward to the Convention.


Subsequent Discussion Documents will be prepared and circulated as the Central Committee receives Submissions to the Convention.


3. 2 – Submissions to the Central Convention


Two types of Submissions to the Convention can be made:


Submissions of Discussion – Submissions not in motion form are appropriate if they are intended to pose general questions our suggestions to the membership and/or the Convention. These submissions may or may not be formulated into binding motions by delegates to the Convention.


Submissions Intended For Consideration – Submissions in motion form will be placed on the agenda of the Convention, as submitted. If the member who submitted the motion is a delegate to the Convention then that person moves the motion, needing it only to be seconded. If the member who submitted the motion is not a delegate then the Chairperson of the Convention will ask for the motion to be moved and  seconded at the appropriate time.


3. 3 – Resolutions Committee


At the beginning of the Convention the outgoing Central Committee will put forward the names of five delegates for The Resolutions Committee. The Convention will either: ratify this committee, or change out any number of the names for other delegates so that the committee remains at five (5) delegates then ratify the committee. When choosing delegates for The Resolutions Committee the political development and understanding of Marxism-Leninism of each delegate should be considered.


The Resolutions Committee will meet and discuss all motions intended for consideration at the Convention. The Resolutions Committee will report back to the Convention before voting begins regarding its considerations. For each motion The Resolutions Committee will either: make no recommendation, recommend for adoption, recommend for defeat, or recommend for referral to another body of the League for consideration and recommendation to the subsequent Convention.


3. 3. 1 – Resolutions Committee Report


The Report of the Resolutions Committee will be presented in writing.


3. 4 – Central Committee Report


During the Convention the Central Committee will present a report on its activities and work since the previous Convention. The Central Committee Report shall cover, but is not limited to:


Resignations of Central Committee members.

Work done during General Elections and By-Elections.

Work done in co-operation with the Communist Party of Canada.

Membership numbers, allowing for reasonable variation.

New Clubs.

New National Committees or Provincial Committees.

National Conventions, Provincial Conventions, and Regional Conventions.

Publicized statements from the National and Provincial bodies, and all higher bodies.

World Federation of Democratic Youth meetings.

The World Festival of Youth and Students.

A political analysis of the role of the League.

Rebel Youth Magazine

All statements released by the Central Committee, jointly or in full.

Any other item ordered by the Convention.

The Central Committee Report shall be presented in writing.


3. 5 – Central Executive Committee Reports


All members of the Central Executive Committee will provide reports of their work during the Convention. The reporting period will be from the finish date of the last Convention to the beginning date of the Convention at which the report is given. The Central Executive reports shall cover, but are not limited to:


A month by month breakdown of work done.

Work done which is specific to the executive’s portfolio.

Any other item ordered by the Convention.

The Central Executive Committee Reports shall be presented in writing.




A member who has reached the age of thirty (30) or older is no longer a member of the League at the end of the next Convention.


4. 1 – Eligibility for leadership.


A member who will turn thirty (30) or older before the next Convention is not eligible to run for a position on the Central Committee.




The League will operate a website with sections dedicated to the goals of the League and instructions on how to join the League.


5. 1 – Social Networking Websites


The League will strive to operate on all Social Networking Websites which are popular among Canadian youth.




The League uniform will be worn by members at all meetings of the League. Any aspects of the uniform not specified in Bylaw 6 are subject to the member’s reasonable discretion.


6. 1 – Pin


The League pin will be worn on the left side of the collar. If the League member is also a member of the Communist Party of Canada then the pin will be worn on the right side of the collar.




7. 1 – Custodian of Records


The Central Committee will appoint one member of the League to be the Custodian of Records. The Custodian of Records shall ensure all books, papers, records, correspondence, contracts and other documents belonging to the League are regularly and properly kept.


7. 1. 1 – Resourcing the Central Committee


The Custodian of Records shall familiarize herself with the history and records of the League. When there is a question of the history of the League, the Convention or the Central Committee may request the Custodian of Records to confer with the records of the League or give an historical opinion.


The Custodian of Records will submit historical reports to the Central Committee upon request.




8. 1 – Number and Gender of words


Unless the context requires otherwise, all pronouns and possessive adjectives used in these Bylaws refer to persons of either gender, and all singular or plural meanings.


4. Special submissions

Eleven great fundraising ideas


To help YCL-LJC clubs with their fundraising goals leading up to the 25th Central Convention, the Central Executive presents a special submission by a member of the Vancouver Club on fundraising. We hope it is useful to comrades in their work.


Here's some of our ideas:


1. UBrew beer & wine - for the beer, this ended up costing about $1 a beer, and we got 138 beers out of the batch. We intend to sell them at a fundraiser soon for about $2 a beer.


2. Social Fundraiser - were throwing a dinner/social night this weekend. Tickets are $10 - $15 sliding scale. We're making a big chilli dinner, desserts, and we've got about 5 performers for the evening.


3. 50/50 draws - ask the Communist Party if they have some big events coming up where you would be able to have a 50/50 raffle. It's easy, and most people will throw in a couple of bucks. We plan on having a 50/50 at the event.


4. Silent auction - There will be people in the club who have some sort of artistic talent, or who have some memorabilia kicking around. As well, friendly organizations are usually more than happy to donate a few items here and there. We have done silent auctions in the past with some cross stitching, old soviet posters, statues, books, cds, etc. Even if someone doesn't want to buy something, they'll usually throw in a few dollars.


5. Merch table. Almost the same as silent auction, but not as forthright. We plan on having one of these at the event as well. We have a lot of stuff from the last WFDY festival - t shirts, books, cds, etc. As well, one of our comrades just donated some books, some of which are really neat, so we're going to have stuff like that too.


6. If you guys have a surplus of books like we did, booksales are always good fundraising ideas.


7. On top of booksales, we also started a mildly successful store on Abe books for awhile so that we could reach out to people farther away. It has since been taken down, as we don't have the time to keep up with it right now. We have kept a record of all the books we have that are worth $10 or more on ABe books or Ebay, and intend to list them on EBay soon.


8. Dinner and movie nights are easy, and usually pretty successful. Make up a big batch of chilli, or soup, or pasta - something that's easy to make, but still well liked.


9. "Sponsor a YCLer" - Basically, find out what the costs for things that a YCLer might incur while at Convention. - meals for a day, bus/gas money, flights, etc. Make up a sheet, and ask Party members if they'd like to "sponsor" a YCLer - ie. cover the cost for their meals for one day, etc. If people see the actual costs, they'll be more likely to put in a bit more.


10. Bottle Drives - This is an idea from the Trail Club. Just like in scouts. hah! The Trail club has actually gone around door to door to collect bottles. We're doing things slightly differently in Vancouver. Some members have A VERY LARGE accumulation of bottles and cans. We plan on taking them in and donating the money to the YCL. As well, ask family members, friends, and Party members.


11. Buttons - We have access to a button maker in our office, and button making supplies are actually quite cheap. We've made up a few hundred buttons - some campaign specific, like Anti-Olympics, NO HST, and more generic ones, like Che, "Women's Sewing Circle", etc. We sell them for around $2 at events, protests, rallies, etc. As well, the People's Co Op Bookstore has agreed to let us sell them in the store.


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