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The 25th Convention of the Young Communist League of Canada urges an urgent mobilization of the youth and student forces onto the streets, into our schools and work-places, to launch a full-court press against the war mongers!

The priorities of the Harper Conservative government are clearly against the people, and for war profits. Opinion polls show 80% of Canadians oppose this war. However the government has spent close to$30 billion on the war.  In addition, Parliament will be debating spending $16 billion on F-35 fighter jets. This is enough to do all of these things:

    • Purchase 5,000 new public transit buses ($2.5 billion);
    • Then build 30,000 new affordable, accessible social housing units ($6 billion);
    • Next, cover the tuition for 50,000 students ($1 billion);
    • Then invest in safe and secure drinking water systems in Aboriginal communities ($1 billion);
    • Plus, re-launch the cancelled national child-care programme at $5 billion;
    • Last, take Canada’s existing humanitarian aid to Pakistan and multiply it by 15 times ($0.5 billion)

All this equals $16 billion.

In the last few weeks, we have seen another round of corrupt and anti-democratic elections in Afghanistan.  Increasingly, the Afghan people are hitting the streets, despite being shot at by NATO troops, to protest the occupation. We view this as a very positive development.

The Conservative government is also manoeuvring to find deceptive ways around the 2011 Canadiantroop withdraw, so that an armed force continues supporting the US-lead occupation. US imperialism has made its demands clear that it wants Canada to remain.  Imperialism claims the war is bringing stability, democracy, women’s rights and freedom to Afghanistan. The true, however, is the opposite.

As Canadian Peace Alliance compiled from recent news reports:

- It was revealed that Afghan President Hamid Karzai's brother, Ahmed Wali, has not only been funded by the CIA but has also been involved in drug-running, money laundering and rigging the election  that brought Hamid back to power in 2009. Canada's role in Kandahar is to extend the control of the Karzai government, which means 141 Canadian soldiers have died to keep this man in power.

Writing of the situation in Kandahar, the Wall Street Journal said, “The Afghan government here has been so weak, predatory and corrupt that more and more Kandaharis have come to view the Taliban as a lesser evil.”

- The Karzai government passed a law providing amnesty for war criminals. Many of these criminals are current parliamentarians who are responsible for the torture, murder and rape of tens of thousands of Afghan civilians during the civil war. Canada has, by its support for Karzai, ensured that these criminals will never be brought to justice.

- The United Nations Human Rights Commission released a report showing that, despite $35 billion spent on “development” and more than $300 billion spent on military operations, human rights are deteriorating and poverty is increasing in Afghanistan. The report highlights the causes of the worsening situation for Afghans and lays the blame at the feet of the corrupt NATO-supported government in Kabul and on NATO itself.

“Patronage, corruption, impunity and over-emphasis on short-term security issues rather than targeted long-term development are exacerbating the already dire poverty affecting more than two-thirds of all Afghans”.

We endorse the actions of the Canadian Peace Alliance and Canadian Peace Congress marking the anniversary of the war and mobilizing broad public opinion against the extension of the war.

Troops Out Now!

Books not bombs!

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In this section:

YCL-LJC policy on peace, internationalism and anti-imperialism

YCL-LJC Central Committee reports on peace

Campaigns we endorse and support:
- Troops Out Now! / La guerre saigne le monde
- Against military recruitment / Opération Objection : une campagne d'opposition au recrutement militaire
- War Resistors / Objecteurs étasuniens
- Bring Omar Khadr home
- Haiti solidarity
- Palestine solidarity
- Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

Peace, anti-imperialist and solidarity organizations we are members of:
- Canadian Peace Congress
- World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY)
- Canadian Network on Cuba

YCL-LJC materials on peace and solidarity



YCL-LJC policy on peace, internationalism and anti-imperialism:

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YCL-LJC Central Committee reports on peace and solidarity:

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Campaigns we endorse and support:

Troops Out Now!
La guerre saigne le monde

The Government of Canada and its NATO partners argue that we need to stay in Afghanistan to build democracy, support women’s rights and to stop terrorists. But if you examine those claims the opposite picture emerges about the impact of the war. The Canadian Peace Alliance, Canada's largest umbrella peace organization, together with Collectif Échec à la guerre, Quebec's largest peace coalition, is currently organizing across the country for the immediate withdrawl of Canadian troops from Afghanistan. Their websites have information on the latest actions and work across the English-speaking Canada and Quebec.

Operation Objection: No to military recruitment
Opération Objection : une campagne d'opposition au recrutement militaire

As you read this, the Canadian military is embarking on its largest recruitment effort in at least 15 years. The Canadian Armed Forces have launched a coordinated military recruitment campaign called Operation Connection to increase the number of recruiters throughout Canada. Operation Objection is a campaign in English-speaking Canada and Quebec confronting active military recruitment in high schools, colleges and universities. Their campaign site has downloads with fact sheets and information packages.

War Resistors
Objecteurs étasuniens

From 1965 to 1973, more than 50,000 Americans made their way to Canada, refusing to participate in an immoral war. Thirty years later, Canada is faced with the same choice – to give refuge to those who refuse to be complicit in the US-led war on Iraq, which many legal opinions have deemed illegal under international law. Following the Second World War, the Nuremberg Tribunal established that soldiers have a moral duty to refuse to carry out illegal orders. This campaign calls on the Canadian government to demonstrate its commitment to international law and the treaties to which it is a signatory, by making provision for US war objectors to have sanctuary in this country.

Bring Omar Khadr home
Rapatrions Omar Khadr!

Canadian citizen Omar Khadr is the only Western national left in Guantánamo Bay. Khadr and fellow detainee Mohammed Jawad are believed to be the first child combatants ever to face prosecution of alleged "war crimes". Khadr was only 15 years old when he was captured by US forces in Afghanistan and later transported to the infamous US detention centre where he has now spent more than a quarter of his life. We demand his repatriation and rehabilitation into Canadian society.

Haiti solidarity

The Canada Haiti Action Network is an information and action network that coordinates the work of Haiti solidarity committees in cities across Canada. The member committees work for the following goals: Universal respect of Haiti’s sovereignty; Justice and reparations to the Haitian people; Safe return of political exiles and the freeing of political prisoners; A full, independent investigation into Canada’s role in Haiti since the presidential and legislative elections of May 2000; Cancellation of Haiti’s foreign debt

Canadian-Palestine Support Network (canpalnet)

canpalnet gathers Canadians of all backgrounds who support the human, democratic, and national rights of the Palestinian people.

canpalnet aims to change the policies and actions of the Canadian government so that these come to support the rights of the Palestinian people.

canpalnet guides itself by United Nations resolutions affirming Palestinians' right of return and calling for an end to the Israeli occupation. CANPALNET similarly guides itself by accumulated international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, which upholds the equal worth and dignity of persons regardless of their ethnic or religious identity, and which affirms democratic rights and opposes apartheid structures.

canpalnet works for the national co-ordination of solidarity work.

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

The YCL-LJC is a member of the following peace and solidarity organizations:

Canadian Peace Congress

The Canadian Peace Congress is an organization of the Canadian people that advocates and works for world peace and disarmament. They are a member of the World Peace Council and share in and support its work and world views in the struggle against imperialism and neo-colonialism and for a world based on peaceful cooperation and international solidarity with the just struggles of oppressed peoples for self determination.

World Federation of Democratic Youth

The World Federation of Democratic Youth includes youth organizations in over 100 countries of diverse political tendencies, religious beliefs and forms of activity that, on the basis of equality and mutual respect for their autonomy, wish to coordinate their efforts for the interest of youth and contribute to the common ideas of freedom, independence, democracy, friendship, international solidarity and world peace, and against imperialism and war.

Canadian Network on Cuba

Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Canadians have maintained a strong sense of friendship and solidarity with the people of Cuba. The Canadian Network on Cuba brings together political, social, cultural, educational and trade union organizations across Canada that are in solidarity with the Cuba people and their revolution, and wish to improve Canadian foreign policy on Cuba.


La Table de concertation de solidarité Québec-Cuba (TCSQ-C) est une fédération d'organismes-membres. Ces organismes doivent avoir leur siège au Québec et s'intéresser activement à la solidarité avec Cuba et le peuple cubain. Pour faire partie de la TCSQ-C, l'organisme doit être d'accord avec ses objectifs et les moyens d'action qu'elle propose.

YCL-LJC materials on peace and solidarity

End the Bombing of Libya! (2011)

In Support of the Intifada of the Poor (2011)

Condemn Harper's Free Trade Agreement With Morocco (2011)

June 5 - Solidarity with Palestine! (2010)

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