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YCL-LJC policy on democracy and the environment
Campaigns and organizations we support
YCL-LJC materials on democracy and environmental issues

YCL-LJC Policy on democracy and the environment

Harper and his band of neo-cons represent the most right-wing, pro-war, and pro-U.S. government in our history. They are in the pockets of the biggest transnational corporations, oil companies and banks who are amassing obscenely-high profits at the expense of working people and our environment. The Tories have stood idly by while food and energy prices skyrocket, because that's in the interests of their friends in Big Business. They have sabotaged international efforts to reverse global climate change caused by fossil fuel emissions, because that's what the oil and gas monopolies want.

And they have driven our country further down the road of war and militarization to satisfy Canadian capital, as well as Washington and the military-industrial complex. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Campaigns and organizations we support

YCL-LJC Materials on democracy and the environment

International Women's Day statement (2011)

International Women's Day pamphlet (2011)

Support Sisters in Spirit (2011)

On the State of BC Electoral Politics (2010)

Condemn the Harper Attack on Climate Justice! (2010)

Drop the 2010 Olympic Legacy of Poverty! (2010)

YCL BC on Gordon Campbell's resignation (2010)

Statement of the CEC - October (2010)

Jason Kenney Not Welcome in Guelph! (2010)

Take Pride in Solidarity! (2010)

Defend the Right to Peaceful Protest! (2010)

G8/G20 flyer (2010)

G8/G20 statement (2010)

Reject the BC Liberal budget (2010)

All out to stop fascism in BC! (2010)

Solidarity with the OIB blockade (2010)

Oppose the Translink Fare Hike (2010)

International Women's Day (2010)

Protest is not a crime! The 2010 Olympics are! (2010)

Condemn the Olympic Police State! (2010)

Statement on the Olympics (2010)

Reject Harper's prorogue! (2010)

Environment leaflet (2009)

Stop the HST (2009)

Open letter to the Young New Democrats (2009)

Statement on BC elections (2009)

Pride statement (2009)

Quebec National Day (2009)

World Environment Day (2009)

Statement on Nova Scotia elections (2009)

National Aboriginal Day (2009)

Condemning proroguing of Parliament (2008)

Federal Election (2008)

International Women's Day Statement (2008)

Demand inquiry into Taser use (2007)

Against extradition of John Graham (2007)

June 29th Aboriginal Day of Action (2007)

International Women's Day statement (2007)

Stop the criminalization of youth (2006)

Solidarity with First Nations youth (2006)

Stop Conservative anti-sex agenda (2006)

International Women's Day leaflet - outside (2006)

International Women's Day leaflet - inside (2006)

Federal election statement (2005)


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