Reverse Harper's cuts to EI, put Canada back to work!

Reverse Harper's cuts to EI, put Canada back to work!

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May 2013

YCL-LJC CEC statement on Harper's attack on EI and how to put Canada back to work!

May Day 2013

May Day 2013

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April 2013

May Day 2013 Statement from the YCL-LJC CEC

Against Misogyny and CAFE, for Equality!

Against Misogyny and CAFE, for Equality!

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Nov 2012

YCL-LJC CEC statement on "Men's Issues" organizing and misogyny on campuses

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Our generation confronts war and imperialism, environmental destruction, poverty wages, and skyrocketing tuition. Youth unemployment is at record levels. Student debt is over $13 billion dollars. Homelessness is rising. Capitalism does not work for us. Growing numbers of people do not accept this future. Socialism is urgent, necessary and possible!

Now is the time to join the movement.

The youth are the future!

The history of Canada shows that youth are a radical and progressive force; we can make politics and transform society. The Young Communist League of Canada - Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada (YCL-LJC) is an organization in the tradition of countless rebel youth -- Aboriginal, Acadian, Québécois, and Canadian -- who have called to break with oppression and exploitation and demanded a better, socialist, future. We declare solidarity with all those who want to build a stronger and more militant youth and student movement today. We fight for peace, solidarity, jobs, education, democracy and the environment. We believe capitalism and imperialism breeds social and ecological problems. We struggle for a socialist Canada and proudly call ourselves internationalists and young communists.

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World Federation of Democratic Youth
Canadian Peace Congress
Canadian Network on Cuba
la Table de concertation de solidarité Québec-Cuba

We are also ideologically united with the Communist Party of Canada, maintaining organizational autonomy.

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The YCL-LJC needs your support to fight for a socialist Canada!
Funds will help publish our magazine "rebel youth", put organizers
on the road, allow the YCL to attend international meetings,
hold events and schools, and help build the youth and student
movement across Canada.


Jeunesse militante

  • La fin du capitalisme

    La force de travail

    Ce Blog sera effacer le 10 mai. Vous pourrez alors continuer à nous suivre sur Jeunesse Militante et sur notre site web :


    Demain le 4 mai, nous nous mobilisons pour une manifestation urgente contre l'élection du gouvernement conservateur majoritaire alors que 60% de la population n'a pas voté pour lui.
    Une manifestation pour les droits des femmes, pour la paix, la solidarité et la justice sociale!

    Hier durant la nuit, une manifestation fut appelé et fut un franc succès avec près de 400 personnes dans les rue à 1h00 du matin, et ce en à peine deux heures d'avis! Il est essentiel de maintenir la pression et de démontrer notre vive opposition et notre colère face aux résultats que nous connaissons.

Rebel Youth Magazine Blog

  • McMaster students extend an olive branch to Palestine as the struggle continues

    Edward Lovo,
    Special to Rebel Youth

    Beside the rubble—perhaps a Palestinian home once stood there—olive trees grow. Beside highways, roads where for years Palestinians could not even traverse by foot, shrubby boughs of olive trees overhang the asphalt.

    On Gazan soil, where Palestinians inhaled burning phosphorus into their lungs, trees bear olives ripe…

  • Greenpeace questions whether links between the Conservative Party and Ethical Oil break election rules

    By Greenpeace Canada

    It’s one thing to cooperate – it’s another thing entirely to collude in order to get around laws that help make our democracy work.

    So Greenpeace Canada has asked Elections Canada to investigate whether the Conservative Party is colluding with the Ethical Oil Institute in violation of the…

  • We can not have another World War.

    Contribution to the Lisbon meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth's Commission of Europe and North America by the Young Communist League of Canada.

    Dear comrades,

    We would like to thank the World Federation of Democratic Youth and our hosts, the Juventude Comunista Portuguesa, for organizing this important meeting. We…